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Custom Cabinets and Woodworking

Are you building a new home or planning a kitchen or bath renovation? Why settle for prefabricated home improvement store cabinetry when you can have stunningly crafted custom cabinets by Elms-Clowers.

Three Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets


Custom built cabinets are specific.

They are built to the specifications and needs of the space. Maybe you need cabinets in an oddly shaped space. Custom cabinetry is the perfect solution.

Custom built cabinets last longer and add property value.

You want the time and money you invest in your home to last. Since quick production is the goal for fabricated cabinets, they are made on assembly lines which decreases their durability. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are built by craftsmen and help your home hold its value.

Custom cabinets reflect your personal style.

If you are building a home or are renovating a space, you will want the whole house to reflect your family’s style and function.
Quality built custom cabinets can turn a plain room into a phenomenal room. The right stain and finish can bring a piece of wood to life and help to create warmth and charm in your home. Elms-Clowers is well-known for quality, lasting custom cabinets that are works of art. Contractors from around Central Arkansas count on us to create the right set of cabinets, doors, columns and other special wood designs that need the expertise of our cabinet shop for their building projects. You can count on us to create custom cabinets as well as any special wood design to add that extra flair to your home. Below are a few examples of what our cabinet shop can do.

When you choose Elms-Clowers cabinet builders for new home construction or a remodel, expect cutting-edge cabinet design and woodworking. We craft your custom cabinetry to match your style, function, and space in our in-house cabinet shop. Elms-Clowers cabinets are the perfect touch to personalize your home.

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