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Custom Homes

Homes Built on Your Land the Way You Want

Choosing new home construction allows your dream home to become a reality. It also has many advantages over pre-existing homes. The majority of homes that are currently on the market are previously owned and often come with many challenges such as repairs, maintenance and remodeling. However, a newly constructed home offers personalization, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance.

Made For you, and No One Else

There is nothing like having a home filled with choices made by you, for you. Have a growing family? Or, love to entertain guests? A custom built home provides the perfect opportunity to build a home specific to you and your family. You won’t have to worry about settling into a pre-existing house that may not meet all your needs or wants. New house construction is designed around you for what you need now and what you’ll want later. Build Your Home for today with a vision for tomorrow.

Build Around Your Budget

Many people believe that the cost of custom home construction is beyond their budget. The ability to customize according to your needs cuts down on the future cost of home improvements or renovations. You get exactly what you want the first time around. Why not have the home that has everything you want and none of the things you don’t?

Cut Down on Costs in a New Home

New construction homes save you money in the long run. They feature improved insulation techniques and tight construction, which maintains a consistent temperature in the home. New home construction also offers the latest technology for heating and cooling systems, eco-friendly appliances, and water conserving plumbing fixtures. All of which reduces maintenance costs and monthly utility bills.

Elms-Clowers has proudly built unique, affordable custom homes for families all over the Central Arkansas area. Nothing unlocks the joys of homeownership more than building the custom home of your dreams. We are the dream home builder you can trust to bring your home vision to reality.

Here are just a few examples of the many dream homes we have built over the years:

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